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Who are you talking to? No one. Your mama. Take your pick. Scoop Chang, New New York Times online podcast blog comments editor. Mr. Mayor, isn’t this e-waste dangerous? Not after it’s hauled off to the third world by an expendable team of minimum-wage nobodies. Good news, nobodies! Greetings, my friends! It shan’t take long to strip down your clunker. There’s nothing wrong with our clunker. Really? Because we can smelt out the deadly, deadly chromium to make rat poison and artificial sweeteners.

So long. Thirty days, September, April, June. Peanut butter. What am I gonna do? Oh, God! What? What? What is it now? You are being released. Finally! Sweet justice! Me? What a surprise! Look! I barely exploded at all. We can control that with medication. Fry? Are we ready to meet our new roommate? Roberto? What are you doing here? I got busted robbing that bank again. Why the same bank twice? That first time was just to case the joint and rob it a little. What’s the matter? You scared? Noticeably? I’ll say.

I’m rescuing you. Leave my living beings alone! Something you, a lifeless mechanism, will never understand. He’s right, Bender. Please, take your little pink sword and go home. Seriously? pirate-themed attack for you. Wait a second. Let me see that sword. Fry, where did he get this electro-matter? Is it dry up here? How could you, Fry? Why do you think I asked you not to contact other universes? I didn’t think. No, you didn’t. You broke your promise and you broke my heart. I must leave now.

I have everything I ever wanted. Money, wealth, riches. Yet something’s missing. A hot princess with whom to get grizzly. Hey, what’s going on here, and why are you kissing My dashing cousin instead of me? Nikolai, you imperial fool. We’ve been having an affair for 700 years. At long last, I shall kill you, Blame the burglar, and inherit the throne. Farewell, Nikolai. Wait. I’m not Nikolai! I’m bender, the fabulous body-switching burglar. So you are. However, you do have And that’s the part we want to kill.

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