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Örnek Blog Yazısı 2

I think the leak’s stopping. Yeah, there we go. What sort of robot turns down a free blast of searing-hot resin? I’m sorry. My friend and I have to do some mindless, repetitive tasks. Sounds like a romantic evening. I won’t keep you. Get the humanoids. Get the intruder. Intruder alert. Quick! Let’s duck in here! We interrupt this sound file for an announcementA nonmetallic being is in the vicinity of Make-Out Point. Say, Wendy? Your chassis’s scuffed. Mind if I polish it for you? Did you hear that? It sounded like a human.

So we had to beat you with rackets. If that event doesn’t occur… the universe will be destroyed. As an environmentalist, I’m against that. So then I almost fell into this thingy. I call it a HaWking Chamber. But I missed and wanged my head. Well, obviously that wang Let’s finish the job! No, wait! There must be a peaceful. Hold him doWn. Something’s wrong! Murder isn’t working. Let’s try something else. I’m getting an idea! What if he was meant to be frozen? Yes, shove him in the tube.

Now, then. What are these rings in Nibbler’s fang? I’m woozy from a gazelle kick earlier, but if he’s like a tree… the rings might indicate his age. Good luck. It’d take a genius to count all those rings. Happy birthday, young Nibbler. in his new cape. I’d be cuddly if someone Who’s playing pin the tail on the maggot? Me! Everyone watch how good I am! And the crowd goes wild! What prize do I get? Cash? Look at Nibbler. Oh, he’s holding a spoon. He’s so talented. You call that talent? Gather around old Bender and get ready for the show of a lifetime.

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