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Tam Sayfa

Bu sayfa “Tam Sayfa Şablonu” ile oluşturulmuştur.

There were tough times, but we all pulled together. I’ve been crunching the numbers on our trans-galactic strategy. What are you doing here? I laid you off 20 years ago. Oh, the claws can’t flee Success is nice, but I do kind of miss Hi, Cubert. strange ones? We are travelers from the past, my good runt. Since your time, human evolution has diverged. There are we. advanced in intellect and morality. And the Dumblocks. stupid, vicious brutes who live underground. Advanced in intellect, you say? Have you invented a backwards time machine? our superior minds, we could perfect such a device within five years.

Wait. I didn’t tell you where he lives. Your son might also like those boots. Cover us, buddy! You got the only wounded-up positron shooter! Fry, you emu-bellied coward! Bender, no! If they put me on a stamp, tell them to use the young Bender. Incoming wounded! All personnel, report to operating tent four! I mean, five! Repeat, four. Ready to operate? But first, I have to perform surgery. Priest. Next patient! Leave some for the enemy to kill. Leave him alone! He has twice your training.

That concludes the audio-visual portion of our head-clonk and lecture. Wait, what happened to the snakes and the frogs? I need to know! The frogs, or possibly the snakes, evolved into vicious killing machines, honed by the merciless forces of natural selection and intelligent design. We call these the Dark Ones! These evil creatures preyed on all life, driving species after species to extinction. Meanwhile, however, the second species evolved to fend off the Dark Ones, befriending and protecting all other living things.

And above all, have fun! Get on down! Oh, yeah! Drop another barnyard bomb on us, Vanilla Corn! Yo, fool! It’s Mix-Master Festus. So, what’s Mars Day about? It commemorate the day when our ancestor, Sir Reginald Wong… bought Mars from stupid natives. How can you call them stupid? They sell whole planet for one bead. Sound stupid to me. I can’t believe you laugh at exploiting a proud, bead-loving people. Lighten up. It’s funny. Of course. But you don’t have to laugh! No. Not on your parents’ planet.

The Earthican pastime. Blernsball. Mulligan drives the ball. It’s going, going and caught by the shortstop. Mets lose again. I haven’t seen play this bad since the days of Bob Uecker. This is Bob Uecker saying thanks for watching. Mets? Shortstop? Pinching the hitter? I don’t understand this Blernsball. We’ll teach you. Your pizzeria will play a game against Planet Express. But you’ll need nine players. No problem. Go, team. Beat those no-good Signoids. Show them they stink in a game they’ve never played.